Checkboxes are used in forms to present the user with a list of options, allowing them to select one or more of these options.

Simple Checkbox
1<x-checkbox id="checkbox" wire:model.defer="model" />
1<x-checkbox id="left-label" left-label="Label in Left" wire:model.defer="model" />
2<x-checkbox id="right-label" label="Label in Right" wire:model.defer="model" />
Checkbox Sizes
1<x-checkbox id="sm" wire:model.defer="model" />
2<x-checkbox id="md" md wire:model.defer="model" />
3<x-checkbox id="lg" lg wire:model.defer="model" />
Checkbox Options


Prop Required Default Type
id false none string
name false none string
label false none string
left-label false none string
md false false bool
lg false false bool